Let’s Talk Water revolutionises clean, safe water advocacy


Let’s Talk Water “the clean and safe water radio programme” has within the short time of its debut and existence revolutionised advocacy about this vital resource for sustaining life and good health.

The programme, according to MARITIME MATTERS findings, is truly achieving the promoters’ mission “to deepen public awareness on the essentials of clean and safe water, at all strata of the society.”
Anchored and produced by the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle Water Expo Centre, Ms. Ego Nwokocha, Let’s Talk Water is broadcast on services of Lagos Traffic Radio 96.1FM every Thursday at 8:15 to 8:30 AM; and Cool FM 96.9 Abuja every Saturday at 6:30 to 6:45 PM.
Nwokocha explained that Pinnacle Water Expo Centre “is registered in Nigeria to showcase the potentials and opportunities in the water and water treatment industry across Africa to the rest of the world.”
She stated: “Every week Let’s Talk Water presents the latest industry reports, contributions from water professionals, market analysis, statistics, investment tips as well as business opportunities in water, waste water, and water treatment.”
Let’s Talk Water educates listeners on water conservation practices and innovative water treatment methods; analyses and monitors impact of governments’ policies, regulations and byelaws with respect to the water/waste water industry; and shares trending insights on the water/waste water industry in Nigeria and internationally.
The programme also projects citizens’ feedbacks on the water situation in their locality and provides useful tips on the benefits of drinking water, amongst others.


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