Nigeria, others express interest in novel plastic, oil clean-up boat


A  team of inventors from Sussex, England, have developed a solar and wind-powered boat that can suck up plastic waste, according to MarEx.

Bluebird Marine Systems reportedly unveiled the proof of concept at the  government-funded Innovate UK show in London late last year and are  now crowd-funding the construction of a full-scale vessel.

MarEx quoted the Express as having reported that Bluebird Marine Systems has gained the  attention of people in India looking for a clean-up solution for the  Ganges River.

There was also interest from Nigeria and Australia where  it is envisaged the vessel could be adapted for oil cleanup.

SeaVax can  be equipped with an oil spill recovery module as an accessory item or as the main function.

SeaVax, when built, it will be 44 metres (144 feet) long, have a  suction head some 13.5 metres (44-foot) wide, and will be fully  autonomous.

Deck-mounted solar panels and two wind turbines will feed  power to electric pumps and filters that will suck up plastic solids and micro plastics.

An onboard shredder will break up larger pieces.

The plastic is  stored in a cargo hold capable of holding around 150 tons ready for  disposal and recycling on shore.


Bluebird Marine Systems has built a 1:20 scale proof of concept model, and the full-size will be the world’s largest vacuum cleaner.

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